And the Northern Province 1 088m (3570 ft) 455Km (270Miles) from Nairobi.

On the fringes of the hot and sparsely populated northern region of Kenya lies a small oasis. Samburu Game Reserve. This is the home of the Samburu tribe. pastoral relative of the Maasai.

The Samburu Game reserve lies on a low plateau beyond Mt. Kenya, surrounded by hills which take on the beautiful colours of a desert area at dusk and dawn. The wide Uaso Nyiro river runs through the park. Two attractive lodges are situated along the river banks from' which wildlife may be viewed drinking at the river's edge.

The reserve contains species of game which are unique to the area-the long necked gerenuk, Grevy's zebra with their unusual and beautiful stripped patterns and the reticulated giraffe. Predators are often seen in the park and the river is home of crocodile and hippopotamus.

Immediately across the river is the Buffalo Springs Game reserve, its name taken from the fresh springs, which bubble out of the ground and are a drinking place for game.

The Shaba National Reserve is adjacent to Samburu and it was here that Joy Adamson spent many years working with lions until her untimely death. Further to the north lies the Chalbi Desert and beyond that is Lake Turkana "The Jade Sea" on the eastern banks of which have been found fossils relating to the origin of man. A permanent Museum has been established at Koobi for a near Sibiloi Park.

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On all Toka tours Tanzania Safaris, new Toyota custom four-wheel-drive Land cruisers are used. Each Land cruisers has photographic roof hatches, special individual seats and heavy-duty shock absorbers. Each Landcruiser carries a maximum of six passengers so everyone has ample space.

All safari vehicles used by Tokatours are especially equipped with communication devices to ensure immediate and constant contact with other lodges and safari headquarters. All passengers have a guaranteed window seat, and bottled water is always available.




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